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About Me

For me as a massage therapist in Woodford, Redbridge, the main focus is to make you feel as safe as comfortable as you would feel if you were to go to a treatment room. As my company name reflects, it is all about helping you find your own feeling of inner calm.

I started studying Body Massage more than 4 years ago and has since the beginning offered therapies as a mobile massage therapist, meaning I have been to clients' homes, at a university and also been working with local charities in Redbridge. I have always looked for a way to add to my techniques and has so far qualified in the following therapies: Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD) (linked to Cancer Care and Palliative Support) and On-site Chair Massage.

My style is gentle, based on working with each client to gradually increase the pressure depending on their ongoing feedback/their current health. My focus is holistic and therapeutic, meaning that as part of a treatment I will consider what else might be the cause of the problem, also based on possible notes from another healthcare professional the client is seeing or has been treated by before.

All the treatments provided are complementary therapies (meaning they are used alongside conventional medical care). They can also help to manage or cope with a specific physical, mental or emotional problem. Additionally, treatments can be viewed as a way to find relaxation, or maintain good health and a sense of general well-being.

Benefits from a treatment could be to:
Relieve tension
Encourage relaxation
Improve mood and aid sleep
Coping with more specific health challenges

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