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Providing inclusive mobile massage therapy for parents and carers in Woodford Green and surrounding areas.

Having massages can work best with a holistic approach for the body and mind. I am Kristian (pronouns: he/him), and as an experienced Massage Therapist working and volunteering across London since 2015, I integrate a range of therapies to manage stress and long-term conditions and promote optimal wellbeing for everyone. I provide inclusive massages, doing my best to create a comfortable environment for all.

I am also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

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All of my services are provided at a rate of £55 per hour, which includes a consultation. The massage medium I am using is massage wax (from Highland Wax Company).

I am passionate about the positive impact of massage, so if the cost is prohibitive then please get in touch and we can discuss payment options. To book, click on the bookings button in the menu above (in the top right corner) message or call! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Reflexology is based on the notion that places on the soles, tops, and sides of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. I apply massage techniques to specific reflex points - using my thumbs, fingers and knuckles. The aim of reflexology is to help restore balance and improve well-being. You will be fully clothed.


This massage uses pressure which is adjusted depending on the muscles being targeted and how tense the area is. This can leave patients feeling relaxed, renewed and It can help manage pain. 



This is massage that focuses on  providing clients with relaxation and a sense of calm. It can also be used to manage or ease pain as it is tailored to each client.


This massage treatment is focusing on the lymphatic system, by using very gentle pressure in the direction of the lymph nodes and lymphatic ducts. The aim is to help the body more efficiently remove fluid and waste it does not need and also bring nutrients to cells. This treatment might be helpful for; reducing of swelling, cold/flu or feeling of low energy.

Hand Massage


A short, seated massage that focuses on using a range of strokes on the client's head, neck, shoulders and back. It can relieve tension and pain. This type of massage can be great for staff wellbeing days as it can be short and is fully clothed.


A number of the services we offer can be part of wellbeing days for staff at work. Inner Calm Massage has provided this service to several organisations with very positive feedback. Companies can offer subsidised massages for staff or pay a set fee so staff have free massages that is agreed before the event. Use the contact form below (at the bottom of the page) to find out more. 

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I have always put a lot of time and thought into diversity and inclusion, my degree and masters were centred around cross-cultural communication, I work as a support worker and volunteer at charities that support people with health conditions/from varying backgrounds.  I am experienced working with disabled people, LGBTQ+ people and people of colour. 


I am respectful to all, no matter their personal characteristic/s. Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to make the massage more comfortable for you - whether that be changing the area/approach to the massage, explaining the techniques as I massage, accommodating any reasonable adjustment, or providing full clothed massages. 

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"I had a neck and shoulder massage on the recommendation of craniosacral therapist. Before the treatment started, Kristian discussed my health history, the details of the treatment and the products he was going to use. He made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. Once the treatment started, Kristian was very thoughtful in checking the level of pressure I was comfortable with. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment. I would be very happy to have other treatments with Kristian. I recommend him highly." 

Florence P.

"I organised a surprise massage for my husband's birthday at short notice and Kristian was very accommodating. Great communication in advance and he was very professional. My husband really enjoyed the massage, Kristian made him feel comfortable and he felt very relaxed afterwards. Would definitively recommend."

Fiona R.

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